Monday, July 27, 2009



Steph's mom said...

Awesome pictures!!! The list was filled with so much good information that all us at home appreciate so much!!! Steph,Miranda came over to visit tonight and we have been checking the site together. See you soon. Love, Mom

Beckie said...

God Rocks~! Team Colombia Rocks~! The list is incredible. (I love the bullet about the girl buying a melon to show her appreciation - wow.)And the Colombian children have such a sweetness about them. What a blessing.

Dylan - We miss you lots. Quit being so camera shy. I'd like to see your face~!

tiffanycahalan said...

WOW! Seeing and reading all of this has been the hilight of my day!It is absolutely wonderful to see how the Holy Spirit is working in everyones lives! You all are such a blessing to us and it is sooo great to see these pic's and to hear about Gods Awesomeness!!!We love you and thank you for all your hard work and for all of the Jesus love you are spreading. Brookie-Keep up the good work girl! We praise the Lord for you! (p.s. nice job on painting the little girls nails :) Luv, Mom

dad said...

Shanes mom- Great pictures and work you all have done for God!
SHANE, please get in some pictures I want to make another mission trip album for you but it doesn't even look like you're on the trip.
You must be take the pictures
Nice pics of everyone else though.
We miss you-Shaner!!!!