Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Night before...

Hello! Ashley, Gibby, Dylan here... A little insight prior to leaving...

We should probably put something about Colombia...
How about we leave tomorrow?
Less then 16 hours for sure.
We leave in 13, and 11 minutes.
Dylan doesn't do math very well.
What?! I was right.

I hope I don't run outta underwear.
I know! That's what I was thinking. Socks too.
Yeah, that's why I brought baby powder. I put it in my shoes.
Oh, really? Or you could just wear your socks twice, that's what I'm doing.
Alright I'm gunna go pray, or something. [Gibby exits] [Enter Don Ayers]

How do you guys feel about Colombia? It feels so surreal right now, I know I'm not going but still, it feels so weird.
It's just so weird to me because we leave tomorrow morning.
It's awesome because we've been practicing and praying so much for it... I'm ready.
I still don't think I'm ready for the dance.
I don't know, I just feel so weird right now... I can't believe you guys are going.
What time does your guys's flight actually leave?
Hm.. I don't know?
I know, we leave at 11:52.
Are you guys meeting at the airport?
Make sure you get there early.
Yeah, we know. [Enter Ian]

You ready to go?
Yeah, lets go... See you tomorrow Dylan! Peace out Don.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Good night guys... pray for us tomorrow.


Becky said...

praying for smooth ride!

Stacy said...

praying for safety, health, strength, and God's blessings!!

phyll is said...

After reading this last nights blog i now know where Ian was when he hadn't even started packing yet. He started packing around 1 am. Does anyone beat his record for packing the lastest? Ha ha

With 30 members on one plane I bet the other people on their flight feel like their missing out on something. I pray that all those around them are seeing the love peace and joy of our Lord Jesus.

Very thankful for the group picture that was posted early today.

Praying for their safe landing tonight.