Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back in Civilization

Hola friends & family!!! We are back in civilization after two days in the rural town of Villetta. We stayed at a retreat center for pastors and missionaries nestled in the was beautiful!!! While we were there, we shared at a local church service to encourage local Christians to reach their community and we also did work with children in a refugee community. The kids from this community live in some of the worst poverty any of us have ever seen. We gave out candy, balloons, water, and lots of hugs & smiles:) The whole team did a wonderful job being energetic and loving.

Now we are back in various suburbs of Bogota for the remainder of our time here- we will be working with local churches, presenting the gospel in parks and public schools and loving, loving, loving like crazy!!! Our whole team has been AMAZING an we have had no major problems. Here are some prayer requests you can continue to lift up...
  • Energy and focus
  • Purposeful use of time
  • Health and stamina
  • Andrew May injured his finger in Villetta- pray for quick healing. It is not serious, but it was very painful for him. He is back to playing guitar and everything, but we still want his body to heal quickly.
  • GOD'S WILL TO BE DONE IN US AND THROUGH US- for us to have His eyes and His heart for the people here
  • PRAISE HIM!!! He has done wonderful things while we have been here- HE IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.


Sally said...

I'm humbled by the experience shared and moved by what it must be like! As we said in the Jesuit Volunteer are now "ruined for life". Be you are a blessing.

Stacy said...
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Steph's mom said...

Hey Guys,Glad to hear you are back in Bogota and doing well!!Andrew May we are praying for a quick recovery for you.We miss you Steph!!Phyllis your mom and I have been in touch and she is so sweet!! We know you are keeping soooo busy but please post more pictures!!WE LOVE TO SEE THE PICTURES!! Love you,Steph's mom

Margie said...

yeah! you're all safe! Cecil, I'm praying for you and your finger!

I love you guys!

I love you Miss Phyllis, I miss you! I was crying at my desk today when I heard you are SUPER GOOD! WHAT A NERD MOM!

Loveyou til the end of time... plus one!!

Britt's mom said...

Thanks for the pictures. I look forward every day for the updates. You guys are the best. It's awesome to see God at work through your hands. We're so proud of all of you.
We love you so much Brittani! Misty sends you a kiss and hug! Looking forward to Wednesday so we can hear all of your wonderful stories. Love,
Mom, Dad, Misty and Chene

Andrew May's mom said...

Thanking God for all of you! Andrew I pray your finger is healing and you are pain-free. xoxo

tallblackwoman said...
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