Monday, July 27, 2009

The list!

This is a list of some of the things that we have seen God do! We spent an hour tonight remembering and praising and this is what we came up with. Give all the glory to God and allow this list to encourage your heart.

WHAT GOD DID!!! He is GOOD all the timeJ

This list is in no particular order and it could never really encompass everything that He did, but it is a good start.

  • Talked through the guys in a HUGE way when they did the seminar on purity. Santiago was especially moved.
  • In SUBA- God spoke to people even when it seemed like they weren’t paying attention. Three people gave their lives to Jesus when we didn’t think anything was going to happen.
  • In VILLETTA- a girl from the slum bought Jillian a melon to show her appreciation (it represented everything she had).
  • In SUBACHOQUE- almost an entire school gave their lives to Jesus.
  • When the girls talked about purity at a high school almost all the girls gave their hearts to Jesus and then 3 girls came up and talked more in depth about God’s love afterwards. God used Hannah to show one particular girl God’s forgiveness and GRACE.
  • In SUBA God moved like crazy in the church services.
  • The team LOVED, LOVED, LOVED like crazy and NEVER ran out because they are connected to THE SOURCE!
  • Team B saw God move in a powerful way when their plans changed and the police showed up…a group a street kids ended up giving their lives to the LORD!!!
  • The Columbian kids teach us generosity by sharing a lollipop and making us smile.
  • God spoke through every team member who had the opportunity to preach the gospel. We saw that it is not about who we are, but it is ALL ABOUT WHO HE IS. God brings in the harvest!!!
  • Healed Cecil’s finger really fast!
  • Josh C. was discharged from probation just in time to come on the tripJ
  • God spoke through Katie, Jon, and Ian when they had to preach to a church full of 800 people with NO WARNING!!!
  • God has given Bethany peace about her life and testimony- especially about being pure. She has gotten to talk about her life and used it to inspire others.
  • God has used the testimonies of each team member to change lives and touch the lives of others.
  • We have had ENERGY even when we thought we had nothing left!!!
  • God has spoken to us SOOOO MUCH!
  • God has used us in our weakness.
  • At EXITO (which is like Wal-Mart)- people gave their lives to Christ. We did an altar call in the middle of the parking lot.
  • Team B had no power for one of their presentations (including all 3 dramas) with NO SOUND at all. They had awesome attitudes and God used it in a powerful way. God doesn’t need a sound systemJ
  • Ashley and Brooke showed Jesus’ love to a little girl in the slum.
  • Our translator from SUBA was touched by our team and God used us to bring her back to His heart.
  • Our host families were such a blessing. We cannot even explain it. They acted as servants, moms, dads, and prayer warriors.
  • A little boy from SUBA demonstrated the love of Christ in a way that crossed our language barrier.
  • We felt so unprepared but God used everything we brought for HIS GLORY! He is strong when we are weak.
  • At a school Team B went to people were so touched by God that they were laying on the floor unable to move. This was a public school!!!
  • Ian went out of his comfort zone and shared his testimony and God spoke through Him.
  • 227 people came to Christ in one day at the medical outreach.
  • Sunday service at ICFPL- God used the team to bless the kids in the church. They rocked it out!!!
  • A seven-year-old boy prayed a prayer that inspired and convicted the team members present.
  • God is teaching us to be more transparent and allow our weaknesses to glorify Him!
  • God used Stephanie and Carolina (our translator) to touch the life of a young girl.
  • God has been telling us that He can use us in BIG ways even though we are all FAR FROM PERFECT!!!
  • Kevin (KOG) has been used in major ways to preach the gospel without shame or fear.
  • Shane and Dylan found Ashley’s passport when it was temporarily misplaced in the Houston airport.
  • The dance kept going even when the sound pooped out.
  • Shane was able to explain a drama to someone in Spanish without knowing exactly what he was saying.
  • God is teaching us not to complain. Your attitude can change someone’s life FOREVER.
  • Phyllis gave her testimony in a school and really touched the heart of a girl struggling with loneliness.
  • Team B went to a park and there were only a few people there, but they touched the heart of a man that needed to hear from God and the team had the chance to pray for him!
  • One of the host families washed the feet of 2 of our team members to show their gratitude.
  • God helped all of us be EXTREMELY flexible. Everything was changing all the time.
  • God was speaking to our bus driver the day that Team A was driving around to 6 different places to share the gospel.
  • When Jon gave his testimony the first time in a church service, he almost backed out, but God didn’t let him and then it was used to the glory of God in big ways!
  • Darren spoke something that really touched Cecil’s heart- it was straight from God!!!
  • Cecil and Shane’s family in SUBA was AMAZINGJ
  • Team A was invited in to a big school unexpectedly on our first day of ministry and God used it.
  • God used Christina’s testimony even though she was REALLY nervous.
  • God used our team to touch the heart of our translator Carolina and increase her faith.
  • Our translator, Carolina, is AMAZING and she was used by God to inspire our team to keep on trusting God even when it is difficult.
  • Team A pulled off a giant kids ministry with almost no preparation.
  • Carlos, the man with no hands, touched our lives and the lives of others forever. His testimony brought people to Christ.
  • Our team has gotten so close and God has knit our hearts together forever!!!
  • At the park in SUBA, this guy named Hector (a homeless man), was touched. He came to know Christ through contact with Amanda and other team members. When Amanda saw him the next day, his whole demeanor and expression was changed. It was obvious that God changed him from the inside out.
  • At the youth service at ICFPL, God used Jillian to touch a girl who needed prayer and encouragement. This girl was finally able to offer forgiveness to her biological parents and she received restoration.
  • The people of Columbia were so accepting and loving. They wanted to hear what God had to say and people everywhere were open to giving their lives to the Lord.
  • God used Emily in a big way one night to pray for a woman who desperately needed God.
  • Both teams learned the silence drama REALLY fast when the teams split up and it was used to touch the hearts of people.
  • EXITO was open to have us present Christ in the parking lot and now the door is open to future teams to do the same thing in the future. Believe it or not, people were so touched by God in the parking lot of a store!!!
  • God gave us insight into the life of Christ. We could never understand what He went through, but we most certainly feel closer to HIMJ
  • We walked forever in the rain and cold in Villetta and God spoke to Selena, “Would you walk this far to be with me? Would you walk this far to be with other believers? In other countries people can’t have “church” or they don’t even have shoes on their feet. It is such a gift to meet with me- don’t complain!”
  • God spoke to Selena through seeing the drama presentations. Some people laughed and the team got really dirty, but they really laughed at Jesus and He really was dirty- all to cover our sin with HIS GRACE!
  • Carlos in Villetta encouraged us all to rest in God and expect His blessings.
  • Carolina, Carolina, Carolina (our translator)- we love her so much!
  • God was able to work through the language barrier through…smiles, dances, silly handshakes, & games.
  • Piercings and tattoos have actually drawn people to hear about Christ.
  • Team B was at two different churches and Chelsea shared her testimony- God used it in a HUGE way!!!
  • We saw PRAYERS ANSWERED like crazy!!!
  • Chelsea got spit on and she gave glory to God for it!
  • We were encouraged by seeing people from different parts of the world who love God.
  • Our host homes encouraged us and prayed for us and worked REALLY hard to speak English so we could communicate.
  • Carlos gave Haley a really special present to help her understand how much God loves her and how God sees her as beautiful.
  • When we pray for people and they don’t even understand what we are saying- God uses it to touch their hearts!!!
  • God is showing us a lot!!!
  • Our host families treated us as their own and took such good care of us- they really adopted us as part of their families.
  • The missionaries in Funza were inspired by our team.


A Heart after His said...

This is so wonderful! I am so excited God did so much through the trip. Greater things are yet to come!

Sally said...

Nothing can compare to the love of God through ALL OF YOU...Praise You Jesus!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! I am so happy that God has worked through you guys to open up the hearts of those people and to accept Christ as their savior. I miss you all and I can't wait to see you guys in a few days.

I love you all.
I miss you guys.

Margie said...

oh you know I'm crying!! What a God inspired trip! He works! He is good! I can't wait to see you tomorrow! I LOVEYOU GUYS!!

Especially you pean- till the end of time - plus one!!

Anonymous said...

I love all of you servants so much. I can't even tell you how much even this blog is changing me. you're all the way in Colombia and you're changing hearts here. Glory to God, i love you all!

My prayer is a newly found freedom would be abound in all of you.