Sunday, July 26, 2009


There really aren't words to describe what continues to happen through our team in Columbia. While Team B was in Funza bringing hearts to Jesus, Team A presented the gospel in 3 public, schools, a local church, and facilitated a service for young adults (Unite in Bogata). Everywhere both teams went we saw hearts given to the Lord. At one location, almost an entire school made a decision to start following Christ- it was CRAZY! Our team continues to minister to students and adults, showing them what real freedom looks like. Sunday was filled with more of God's grace which included Katie preaching an impromptu sermon to a packed auditorium because the pastor lost his voice with Jon and Ian sharing their testimonies with more people than they ever imagined in a single setting. We can only say that HIS grace is enough for every day. Tomorrow, the whole team will be ministering in a slum of 2.5 million people on the side of a mountain. Pray that God will continue to pour out His love through us. We send our love from Bogota.


Joe Renaud said...

It is so sweet how God is working and speaking through you guys. He can give katie the words for a full length sermon out without preparation and give people the courage to stand up in front a a bunch a people they don't know and share what God has done in thier lives. God has given you the opportunity to get on the internet and do this blog, which is making the people back here in Michigan become fully on fire for God. GOD IS SOO BIG IT IS COMPLETELY UNFATHOMABLE!!!
(We're keeping you in prayer)

Beckie said...

This is crazy awesome! I'm praying that you continue to stay focused and strong during the last days of your trip. The Colombia Team 2009 has been such a blessing - I know my passion for God has been rekindled!!

Margie said...

I gotta stop looking at this while I'm at work because I keep getting all misty!!

I loveyou guys and it's amazing to see God work through all of you!

I LOVEYOU PHYLLIS (and all the rest of you too!!!)

Sally said...

It sure puts the rest of life into perspective. Our lives (as loving followers of Christ) are not "our lives" and to see the obedience and the will of the Lord in action so Puts me back to a place of humble humility and obedience and amazing love for my child! Emilia, we love ya and while we know you would love to stay and keep doing what you are doing...we look forward to having you back SO much! Forever changed, we know!...Rosie will have that cake ready.

HildebrandtLove said...

Erik just came up with a Brilliant idea! You guys should fake that the entire team got kidnapped besides one or two of you who are tapping each other, and talking into the camera about how worried the two of you both are. Sike Metro out, and then turn around with the camera to where the whole group is standing and smiling and waving into the camera. Then say jussst kidding into the camera!!

yay! Have fun in Columbia. Don't get kidnapped! ;)

We love you guys. ~Rissa & Erik Hildebrandt

p.s. Tape a few vehicles that are driving away super fast.. and act like they all were in those vehicles. (Just incase you decide to go through with it).

Jessie said...

Praise God. I can't imagine what you all are learning from all of the people there. Mark and I are continuously Praying for all of you. We Love You!!!!

tiffanycahalan said...

I am so happy to see all of the lives and hearts touched and changed by Jesus throughout your trip thus far. You are truly a blessing to all of us!I look forward everyday to seeing if anything new is on the blog-so thx guys, for keeping all of us at home upadted! You are in the home stretch and we are looking forward to seeing you all very soon and are continuing to pray for you all! Brookie-We love & miss you & are so very thankful that you are serving God!

Maddy said...

Hey Stephanie,

I miss you bunches and I hope you are having a great time. I'm happy that you've taken this opportunity. I'll see you, well, when I get back. My nanny says hi. Love you!